Air Raid By Gunslinger Out Now

Gunslinger released a new deep electro banger Air Raid, out today. Released on the Tiesto pioneer label Black hole / Magik Muzik, it redefines and re-energizes the electro and house genres for a new generation.

Air Raid

Track Genre: Electro House


Alternative Dance, Electro House

Gunslinger is a genre-jumping group of DJs/producers/musicians. Forged by the musings of Anthem and mad tinkering of Vidal, Gunslinger pairs past with present, blending organic sounds and structure, with giant electronic dance floor productions.

As DJs they have opened for some of the biggest names in dance including Tiesto, Pendulum and Shpongle. As a live electronic band they have toured the U.S., Mexico, Australia and Brazil with Infected Mushroom. Releasing on labels such as Last Gang, BugEyed, Audiophile and Open Flame. Their electro house EP “The Ripper” went to #2 on the charts while BombaBeats EP went as high as #3. Their remix of “Blues Traveler’s” Runaround was so well liked by the band that it was put on their 25th anniversary Universal release.

Whether it’s a a slamming DJ set or a unique live show of guitar, synths and drums, Gunslinger aims to please.

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