Armada Releases Notaker’s ‘Born In The Flames’ Release

Armada releases Born In The Flames’ from Notaker

Fire is the element of creation, destruction and transformation; just as the mythical phoenix is born from the flames, we too can emerge with new life from the ashes. The sheer power of burning fire is brought to life by Notaker’s newest release, titled “Born in the Flames.” The maestro of atmospheric electronic music has an uncanny ability to expertly embody even the most abstract of concepts, and “Born in the Flames” is no exception. There is no way to adequately describe the track except with the mood it evokes—it possesses a dark and ethereal quality, epic in its might yet not foreboding. It’s impossible not to put this track on replay for a few rounds to fully appreciate its complexity, such as the sample of a crackling fire that Notaker seamlessly weaved into the spacey melodies. With each conceptual conquest, it seems as if there is nothing Notaker can’t do.

For Born in the Flames I really wanted to capture a specifically darker mood than in my previous records. I was looking to make it epic and dark but not ominous. My first idea was to theme the song around fire and how it makes me feel. Watching an open flame burn brings out a primal fascination in us all I think. Using the crackling fire sample helped me evoke some of those emotions in my track and ultimately brings the listener into the world of my song — Notaker

“Born in the Flames” is out on Armada Captivating, the megalabel’s branch for the best young talent who represent the sounds of today and tomorrow. Notaker joins artists such as Dash Berlin, Protoculture, MaRlo, Heatbeat, and David Gravell, keeping him in good company for the latest release. Armada isn’t the only imprint that has taken notice of the young American producer — he has more music in the works for Monstercat and a track for the infamous Deadmau5’s Mau5trap label. His unique sound and mission of taking the listener on a true musical journey was inspired by artists such as Hans Zimmer, Deadmau5, and Eric Prydz, and it is no stretch to say that Notaker is on his way following in their footsteps. Stay tuned for what Notaker decides to dream up next!

Check it out below.

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