Artist Spotlight: Big Swede

Big Swede may sound like a man who wrestles bears for a living but he’s so much more than that.

As a producer and artist who also owns an amazingly successful studio in L.A., his works include everything from dance music to TV shows, jingles and more. Some prime examples of his work in commercials are Mercedes Benz “Super Service” Commercial feat. Roger Federer, Dish and more. He’s created intro music for countless artists of various musical styles including the tour introduction music for Van Halen, and drum samples for KISS and Slash. Among his many collabos are Reeves Gabrels (The Cure, David Bowie), Les Hemstock (Hemstock & Jennings), Paul Ill (James Blunt, Christina Aguilera) and Greg Hampton (Alice Cooper, Lita Ford) and more.

When you hear unique, enticing electronic music in the background of many shows, chances are it’s Big Swede’s work. You’d hear or heard his work in shows like NCIS: Los Angeles, The Mentalist, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Punk’d NCIS, Lie To Me, Real World and so many more.

To get paid to do what you love is truly an honor and Big Swede has been doing what he loves for decades now. It’s not often you get to be a ‘working artist’ but he’s done it now solidly for over 15 years.

BIG SWEDE is all over the place musically, running his recording studio, music production company and record label in Los Angeles. He brings his experience and energy to bear on every project. His studios in L.A., BIG SWEDE STUDIOS are second to none. Creativity flows around the clock and what’s most impressive is that he insists on a casual and comfortable environment where creativity can flow, a bubble of calm amidst the bustle of downtown L.A.

Swede has just released new remixes of his ‘Strictly Dtown Jam’ which feature big name guests including Papa Dee, Miles Evans (Gil Evans Orchestra), Jimmy Z (Eurythmics), Oscar Hernandez (Spanish Harlem Orchestra) and Slim Diamond. Check out the remixes below.

Big Swede says, “I got inspired and suddenly I had four new versions of the track. Three of them have the saxophone, trumpet and piano riff from the original version and one is completely electronic.” These remixes were influenced by his hometown in downtown Los Angeles. The tracks “Voodoo Cred” and “Downtown Art Dreams”, which included a video of the downtown Los Angeles area, were released earlier this year.

There will be a full album released first part of 2017. “The album mixes house, chill and downtempo grooves with latin, jazz and urban flavors. It has a nice variety of guests and sounds,” continues Big Swede. The upcoming album is aptly titled: “Big Swede – BS In A Downtown Lounge”.

Instagram: bigswedestudios

Big Swede – Strictly Dtown Jam (Remixes) on Itunes:

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