China’s Underground Scene Comes Alive With The YinYang Music Festival

“Top of the world mom!” That’s an old line from the James Cagney classic “White Heat”. Now, imagine if you will partying at or damn near the top of the world. Imagine partying on one of the world’s seven wonders, a place on Earth that is visible from space. Imagine a limited amount of people coming together to party in harmony on top of the Great Wall of China.

There’s an underground scene in just about every city of every state/province or every country of every continent. However, one doesn’t normally think “China” when talking about underground dance music… until now. The underground is alive and well in Huang Ya Guan which is about 30 minutes outside Beijing with the YinYang Music Festival.

Returning for their second year, The YinYang Music Festival actually happens right there, on the The Great Wall of China.

From June 20th thru June 22nd, over 50 local DJs and producers from China’s underground electronic scene and others from around the world will play with headliners such as Juno Reactor and more.

There are only 2,000 tickets allowed for this event, China is very rigid about control and policing for an event like this, especially around such a landmark, this certainly isn’t the place to “bring down the walls” (unless you want to wind up in jail for the rest of your days).

Shanghai’s Mansion Cultural Center organizes the event and tickets for the three day festival are only 50 bucks – that price, gets you a ton of perks too!

Enjoy last year’s aftermovie below

Source: Deep House Amsterdam

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