The Class Of 2006 Vol. 1 Throwback

Top TV Shows, Music, Movies And Events For The Class of 2006

Every Thursday is a #tbt day here on Clubhead TV. We feature our ENERGY CLASSICS video channel front and center for the day featuring all classic dance music heard on the legendary Energy Radio stations in Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto and Phoenix back in the day.

Along with that, each week we go back to a year and take a look at all that was for that year. This week we go back to the class of 2006.

Take a look at everything that made 2006 below along with a great video mix from DJ CRAYFISH and the tracklist.

Cost Of Living 2006
Federal Minimum Hourly Wage $5.15
Average Annual Income $37,900
House $266,000
Monthly Rent $950
New Car $28,800
First-Class U.S. Postage $0.39
One-Year Tuition at Harvard $30,275
Movie Ticket $6.04
Gallon of Gasoline $3.03
Gallon of Milk $3.23
1 Dozen Eggs $0.98
Loaf of White Bread $0.97
Computer $299.99(2.93-GHz HPa1200y desktop)

World Events In 2006
Twelve coal miners die in the Sago Mine Disaster near Buckhannon, West Virginia in the United States.
A stampede during the Stoning of the devil ritual on the last day at the Hajj in Mina, Saudi Arabia, kills 362 Muslim pilgrims.
Several European newspapers reprint controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, sparking outrage and rioting in the following weeks
Google purchases YouTube for US$1.65 billion in stock
NASA launches the New Horizons probe
Iran refuses access to U.N. inspectors many worry over Iran’s intent to build a nuclear bomb
Iran Tests Missiles which are capable of reaching Israel
The Iranian Leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust ever existed.
Saddam Hussein is charged on May 15th and following the trial is found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging
Violence erupts during the holy month of Ramadan between Shia and Sunni Muslims leaving many dead on both sides.
Charles Carl Roberts murders four girls in a one room Amish West Nickel Miles School, before committing suicide
The US Energy department has released a report that there are about a trillion barrels worth of oil in the form of Oil shale reserves in the Green River basin.
Zacarias Moussaoui convicted of conspiring to kill Americans as part of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks,
Sixty-five miners become trapped underground after an explosion in a mine Nueva Rosita, Mexico There were no survivors.
Tropical Cyclone Larry makes landfall in Queensland, Australia
Sydney, Australia temp hits 45 degrees Celsius ( 113 degrees Centigrade )
Over 160 people are killed on July 11th by seven bombs on the train network in Mumbai India
Terrorists bomb Muslim Graveyard in Malegaon, during Shab-e-Barat killing 37
Tsunami strikes the Indonesian island of Java killing 300
Capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah guerrillas Israel Bombs Lebenon and escalation of violence in Middle East
North Korea declares it has carried out its first test of a nuclear weapon, becoming the worlds 9th Nuclear Power
North Korea Test Medium Range Missiles
Heatwave affects US and Europe in July
The Easter Week Midwest Tornado Outbreak affecting Iowa, Indiana, Missouri and other US states . Iowa City takes a direct hit from a tornado.
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s suffers a stroke and suffers from a persistent vegetative state.
The US Energy department has released a report that there are about a trillion barrels worth of oil in the form of Oil shale reserves in the Green River basin,
President Bush acknowledged secret CIA prisons around the world outside of US legal jurisdiction.
President Bush asks Congress to pass the Military Commission Act to re-define U.S. obligations under Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention
6 U.S. seaports Sold To Middle East
Partial power blackout in Europe including Parts of Germany, Belgium, France (including parts of Paris), Spain, and Italy
6.6 magnitude earthquake at sea hits the US state of Hawaii.
The Québécois nation motion is passed by the House of Commons in the Parliament of Canada.
The ESA’s Venus Express arrives at Venus.
Italy wins the 2006 world cup in Germany defeating France
More than 1 million take to the streets in France in the largest nationwide protest ever over the “Contrat première embauche” (CPE – First Employment Contract or Beginning Workers Contract)
Montenegro and Serbia Split to Gain Independence
The Basque separatist group ETA announces Cease Fire
Congress passes the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (Cope Act) which ends current Network Neutrality.
Two major E-Coli breakouts affect 500 people in the US caused by fresh spinach and fresh lettuce
Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants Breaks the record held by Babe Ruth and hits his 715th home run on on May 28th to pass Babe Ruth on the all time greatest list.
The Winter Olympic Games are held in Turin, Italy
Hamas ( Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiyya ) the Palestinian Islamist militant organization wins the Palestinian parliamentary elections, and formally took over the Palestinian government, with Ismail Haniyeh sworn in as the new prime minister.
One day boycott of United States schools and businesses by One Million immigrants, both legal and illegal on April 10th
The Serial Shooter killers ( Dale S. Hausner and Samuel John Dieteman ) are caught and charged for the drive by murders of six people in Phoenix, Arizona
World Trade Talks break down with blame shared equally between the developing and the G8 countries of the world.
California suffers it’s worst heat wave in recent history with temperatures reaching 115 degrees and lasting for a two week period.
The one billionth song is purchased from Apple iTunes.
Nintendo releases the Wii in North America with an MSRP of US$249.99
Pluto is downgraded from a Planet to a dwarf planet by The International Astronomical Union ( IAU )

Celebrities Who Passed In 2006

Popular Films
The Pink Panther, Big Momma’s House 2, Underworld: Evolution, Nanny McPhee, Final Destination 3, Failure to Launch, Eight Below, V for Vendetta, Ice Age: The Meltdown, Date Movie, Garfield, Miami Vice, Monster House, Over The Hedge, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Superman Returns, Thank You For Smoking

Top TV Shows
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Malcolm in the Middle
The Weakest Link
Yes, Dear
The Simpsons
Fear Factor
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Pop Idol
The Amazing Race
The Bernie Mac Show
American Idol
CSI: Miami
The Bachelor
The George Lopez Show
Without a Trace
Arrested Development
Cold Case
Hope and Faith
Las Vegas
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
The O.C.
Two and a Half Men
Boston Legal
CSI: New York
Desperate Housewives
Postman Pat (UK)
The Apprentice
The X Factor (UK)
American Dad!
Doctor Who (UK)
Everybody Hates Chris
Family Guy
Grey’s Anatomy
My Name Is Earl
The Office

Super Bowl
Pittsburgh d. Seattle (21–10)

World Series
St. Louis Cardinals d. Detroit Tigers (4–1)

NBA Championship
Miami d. Dallas (4–2)

Stanley Cup
Carolina d. Edmonton (4–3)

Women: Amelie Mauresmo d. Justine Henin-Hardenne (2–6, 6–3, 6–4)
Men: Roger Federer d. Rafael Nadal (6–0, 7–6 [7–5], 6–7 [2–7], 6–3.)

Kentucky Derby Champion

NCAA Basketball Championship
Florida d. UCLA (73–57)

NCAA Football Champions

World Cup
Italy d. France (1–1 [5–3 after shootout])

Club Mix Hits Of 2006

Club Mix Hits Of 2006

Track Listing

03 ERIC PRYDZ – Proper education
04 OUTWORK & MR.GEE – Electro
05 FREDDIE MERCURY – Love kills
06 RASMUS FABER – Get over here
07 BOB SINCLAIR – World hold on
08 SUNBLOCK – First time
09 DAVID GUETTA – Love don´t let me go
10 BWO – Temple of love
11 BOB SINCLAIR – Rock this party
12 FEDDE LE GRAND – Put your hands up 4 Detroit
13 BEATFREAKZ – Somebodys watching me
14 THE AUDIO THIEVES – Is this love
15 SUNLOVERZ – Shine on
16 HOLLY DOLLY – Dolly song
17 BANGO – Tarzan boy
18 UNITING NATIONS – Ai no corrida
19 BOB SINCLAIR – Love generation
20 SUPAFLY INC. – Moving too fast
21 CAROLINA MARQUEZ – Pleasure ground
22 TOM NOVY – Your body
23 ANTOINE CLAMARAN – Let´s get together
24 JERRY ROPERO – Coracao
25 THE DISCO BOYS – Hey St.Peter
26 MOLELLA – From space to my life
27 HI-TACK – Say say say
28 LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY – Love sensation

01 BASIC ELEMENT – I´ll never let you now
02 BENASSI BROS ft. DHANY – Every single day
03 ROYAL GIGOLOS ft. VIGO – Tell it to my heart
04 STRIKE – U sure do 2006
05 DANZEL – My arms keep missing you
06 2-4-GROOVES – The way i do
07 CREW 7 – Eye of the tiger
08 VINYLSHAKERZ – Daddy cool
09 PAKITO – Living on video
10 MILLENIUM – Day after day
11 RIMINI CLUB DJs UNITED – Sempre sempre
12 ANDY LOPEZ – Noche del amour
13 TIESTO & MAXI JAZZ – Dance 4 Life
14 MADONNA – Sorry
15 PAKITO – Moving on stereo
16 JOE FACE – Maniac
17 KATE RYAN – Je´tadore
18 CJ STONE feat. TAMARA – City lights
19 PREZIOSO feat. MARVIN – Survival
20 MIKE AUSTIN – Kylie
21 THE REAL BOOTY BABES – It´s a fine day
22 BOOM BOXX & L.O. – Pokito
23 C.O. AKA CLUB ORIENTED – California
24 ARASH feat. HELENA – Arash
25 C-BOOL – House babe
26 DISCO BEE – Bailando
27 CASCADA – Everytime we touch

Mix Genre: Dance

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