Deadmau5 Announces New Album With Old Music

The latest album from Deadmau5 titled W:/2016ALBUM/ was something even he wasn’t all that thrilled with but the zombie fans of the Mau5 flocked to it and couldn’t wait to hump their idol’s leg.

A few weeks ago, the U.S. Dance Music Hall of Fame artist announced a new album would be coming in 2017 and now we get this…

The new album will feature remastered tracks back before he had much studio acumen. So we’re getting stuff from the past, nothing new simply remastered. If any other big name artist did this ol’ boy would be on Twitter pissin’ all over them for it.

Sorry, this is unacceptable.

Hey dude, you got anything left in you for new music that appeals to people or are we going to just keep getting the regurgitated crap over and over?

You talk smack all day long online about artists, you need to come with the new stuff boy, this is getting stupid. You ain’t Chopin and lately, you ain’t even Deadmau5 other than the chronic whining.

Get with it son…

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