Paul Van Dyk | VONYC Sessions Episode 550

Paul Van Dyk presents VONYC SESSIONS

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Vonyc Sessions

Vonyc Sessions

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Mix Genre: Trance

Paul Van Dyk


A Grammy‐nominated recording artist and global DJ, Paul van Dyk has
dominated the electronic music charts and DJ pollsfor more than 15 years. He
has been ranked #1 twice in DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ poll, a feat few have
achieved. Paul has performed before audiences of more than one million
people, including shows at the Love Parade festival in Berlin andNew Year’s
Eve in Rio de Janeiro.

Paul has sold millions of albums worldwide and was nominated for a Grammy in
2005 for Best Dance/Electronic Album. As a recording artist, he has
collaborated with a broad spectrum of talent from David Byrne to St.
Etienne. As a re‐mixer, he has worked with such artists as Madonna, Justin
Timberlake, Depeche Mode, U2, and Linkin Park, as well as Hans Zimmer on THE
DARK KNIGHT theme song. In addition, Paul composed the score for EA Games’
GRAND SLAM TENNIS, won the Mexican Oscar for Best Original Score for ZURDO,
and created the music for a global advertising campaign on behalf of
Motorola and the announcement tones for Berlin’s new international airport.

In addition to his music, Paul has long been politically active,
participating in both Rock The Vote and the European Union campaigns. In
2009, he received Berlin’s Medal of Honor in recognition for his charity
work dedicated to helping underprivileged children.

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