Umek | Behind The Iron Curtain 298

Umek – Behind The Iron Curtain.

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Behind The Iron Curtain 298

Behind The Iron Curtain 298

Track Listing

01. Loco & Jam – Shibuya (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions] | 00:42
02. Danger Noise – Outside (Original Mix) [Gain Records] | 03:23
03. D-Unity – TenShin (Original Mix) [Unity Records] | 06:26
04. Buitrago, Marck D – No One Else (Skober Remix) [Unity Records] | 09:16
05. Pete Tong – Your Love (Kolsch Remix) [UMC] | 12:39
06. UMEK – Sneaking Unnoticed (Original Mix) [Promo] | 17:55
07. Ilario Alicante – Times (Original Mix) [Drumcode] | 21:27
08. Kreisel – Bilious Subject (Original Mix) [Yellow Recordings] | 24:03

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09. Muska, Nicolas Taboada – Shattered Mirror (Original Mix) [U.F.O. Recordings] | 28:52
10. Peppelino – The Eyes Of Cat (Original Mix) [Beat Therapy Records] | 32:10
11. Radio Complex – Orion (Optimuss Remix) [Creptonit Records] | 35:44
12. Spektre – Choose Your Poison (Original Mix) [Phobiq] | 38:48
13. Uner – Urantia (Petar Dundov Remix) [Solar Distance] | 43:04
14. Steve Parker – Destination Moon (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm] | 49:05
15. Tadeo – The Globular Ray (Original Mix) [Token] | 51:06
16. The Reactivitz – Positive Thinking (Original Mix) [Loose Records] | 52:48
17. The Aphex Twin – Digeridoo (Original Mix) [R & S Records] | 55:44

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Mix Genre: Techno, Tech House


Tech House

For a long time, Slovenia is known for its great electronic parties, but as the local scene is of boutique dimensions, everyone, who wishes to take the art of mixing and producing to a professional level, has to go out there and enter the worldwide scene.

Umek has done this step as early as in the middle of the 90s and so he became one of the most important techno players of the global techno scene, even before the end of the last millennium.

Together with people, who shared the same views, he successfully captured the first era of researching and recreating the rules of the dance music in Recycled Loops, Consumer Recreation and Astrodisco platforms, which all put the sound of the Slovenian techno on the world map of electronic music.

In the beginning of the year 2007, Umek started a new 1605 Music Therapy – Sixteenofive, with which he marked the beginning of the second era of his music creation and what an era it is! After 3 years the label is already tagged as a great success, with an exemplary number of hot releases, pounding the Beatport Techno Chart.A huge success of the »Electronics Day „10« – the main 1605 techno event in Krizanke (Ljubljana, Slovenia)…

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