Dubspot Got Some Splainin’ To Do

Dubspot, once known as a place to learn how to produce music with locations on both coasts here in the States is in hot water

It’s not like it’s some fly by night joint, Dubspot was a well-respected electronic music production school that had just opened up a new location a few years ago.

A few days ago, THUMP reported that a large number of former students and teachers have accused the operation and its CEO, Dan Giove of “fraudulent activities and erratic behavior.” It’s being reported that, “over 55 students [have] alleged that the school did not deliver the classes which they had paid for upfront, and in some cases have not issued refunds.”

Allegedly, Dubspot’s chronic inability to provide classes to enrolled students stems from the administration’s habit of defaulting payment to instructors. THUMP reports complaints of frequent session rescheduling, but notes that when students “did manage to go to a class, there was often no instructor present because they themselves had not been paid their teacher’s fee and refused to teach.” Well, I have news for you, that’s what many of us experience in the Chicago Public School System and you have no idea how much money our families piss away each year on that slop of an education but, I digress…

In their investigative report, THUMP documented Austrian student Nina Braith’s experience with Dubspot:

“‘I have spoken to two teachers who had worked at Dubspot before and can’t believe how much money Dan Giove already owes to so many people, students and teachers, and for how long this situation is already going on,’ she added. After not hearing back about getting a refund from Dubspot, Braith was able to get her money back via her credit card company.”

The report further notes that Giove is currently embroiled in suits against several students and faculty, with some seeking damages of up to $10,000 from the executive. As of now, both Dubspot campuses are not operating and the company has not made any statements regarding the closure.

For more details visit THUMP

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