Gorillaz Drop Interview To Prepare Fans For First New Release In Four Years

Back in September, Gorillaz’ Facebook page came to life as if it had just woke up from a coma. Words, quotes, videos and then the announcement of a new album.

With that new album due soon, Gorillaz’ frontman and bass player, Murdoc gave an inteview to Noisey where we learn that nothing is really serious, we don’t learn much about the artist we’ve loved for almost 20 years now but… we do laugh our asses off to some of the answers like…

Tell me about Gorillaz’ first ever show.
Camden Brownhouse, 1998. How did it go? Like any paradigm-shifting event, it overloaded people’s synapses. They were so shell-shocked a massive riot broke out (which I predicted). The place got trashed, there were multiple casualties, and I picked up a range of STDs. Top night.

What makes a good breakfast?
Anything over 80% proof.

Who should play the next Bond?
I think Noodle should be the next Bond. What’s that, Murdoc? But she’s a woman? Yeah, deal with it. I’m a feminist now

To learn more about the interview (and even less), visit NOISEY here.

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