Interview: Offstage With Headhunterz Part 3 From Disco Donnie Presents

Disco Donnie Presents latest episode of Offstage features Headhunterz

Offstage is a new Disco Donnie Presents video series that chats with iconic DJs behind-the-scenes at festivals about their backgrounds, rise to stardom, and life on the road. The series is meant to inspire the next generation of aspiring artists, highlighting patterns and ideas that have brought their favorite acts to the pinnacles of success within their respective genres.

Disco Donnie Presents is kicking off the new year with an all new episode of the “Offstage” interview series. This week, Headhunterz returns for part 3 of his interview as he talks about the key travel necessities in addition to providing an “edible” description of his music. The latest episode also uncovers the truth of who Headhunterz really is; a lover of music and an aspiring artist who chased a dream until he achieved it. “…I’m quite a dull person – I mean that’s what it would seem like. I like reading. I like working on myself. I like developing myself, so I go on meditation retreats and explore my inner worlds, and other than that I like hanging out with friends and watching movies.”

Check out the interview ABOVE.

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