Interview: Ten For The Road With Joe Stone

Clubhead TV’s exclusive interview with Joe Stone

Our Ten For The Road series gives you a snapshot of an artist. From where they come from to where they are and where they want to go.

For this exclusive, we talk with Joe Stone who has had a busy last few years. He’s had a few number one hits on our CLUBHEAD LIVE channel, a new monthly podcast that we feature and more new music.

Check out our interview with Joe Stone below along with the debut of his remix for EDX on “Missing” ft. Mingus which is due out on May 30th, 2016:

1.  You’re definitely have a flare for the 90’s house sound.  What house tracks influenced you the most when you started producing?
There’s been a lot of cool tracks that influenced me. But definitely tracks like Robin S’ ‘Show Me Love’, and Nightcrawlers’ ‘Push The Feeling On’. Also newer artists like Daft Punk, Disclosure and Duke Dumont.

2.  Who did the choreography for your Montell Jordan cover of ‘This Is How We Do It” and can we continue to expect to see such great work in your music videos like that?
I believe it was Jonny Vico from PDK Entertainment. They did a fantastic job. I also like underlying messages in my videos like ‘Freak (And You Know It)’ and ‘Man Enough’ for example.

3. We feature your radio show here, how long has it been in the works and what can we expect from it? Guests?
It’s a monthly show right now. Hopefully in the future I will do a weekly show and perhaps guest mixes. I’ll keep you posted!

4. What’s in the pipeline for you? New music? Touring dates?
There is some new music coming very soon and a remix for EDX’s ‘Missing’ coming up as well. Really excited about that one, love how that turned out!

5. You have a classical background, when you were 16, you formed a band.  What songs were you playing then?
I was playing soul and funk in that band. I had several bands I played in over the years. And not too long ago I did it for a living, playing in a band that was more pop/dance focused.

6. What music do you listen to that might surprise people?
Sometimes I listen to rock, smooth jazz and R&B.

7. What’s in your studio? Software, board etc.
It’s a very basic setup actually because I don’t need much. My DAW is an iMac with Logic X. With some KRK and Yamaha monitors. A midi controller and a mic with a mic preamp. To control the monitors I use a Mackie Big Knob. Downstairs I have a custom DJ booth with a Pioneer Nexus set.

8. Have you ever spun on vinyl? If so, when on the road, can we expect to see a vinyl set from you?
Sort of, at home when I was a kid. I tried to mix with my dad’s old turntables and some trance records. Trance was hot at that moment.

9. Who would you love to work with in the future?
Hopefully Martin Solveig or Armand van Helden, love their sound!

10. What’s your favorite video game?
Uncharted 4 and the rest of that series! My favorite video game of all time would be Mario Bros. 3.

BOUNS: Favorite food when you’re on the road!
Pizza and pasta. But whenever it’s possible I will try the local food.

Special thanks to Joe for taking time out of his schedule and Nico van der Plas at Spinnin’ for helping make it all happen!

Joe Stone


Joe Stone can be seen as the newest entry onto the deep/future house scene, as his debut single ‘The Party (This Is How We Do It)’ is truly making waves among the DJ community. But while the name is new to the scene, the background of this DJ/productional act already speaks volumes, ranging from classical music training to producing timeless house tunes and remixes for some of the biggest names out there.

Joe Stone is the alter ego of Dutch DJ Maurice Oude Booyink, who’s been working as a DJ/producer for years. He starts his musical career at an early age, playing keys at the age of seven, and it doesn’t take him long to create new, original melodies. Growing up on a diet of funk and soul music, he masters these styles in his first band at the age of sixteen, followed by producing his first dance records.

While playing in bands, Maurice releases solo material under his Inmado guise as well as doing productional work for other artists (R3hab, Sharon Doorson a.o.). When he wins a Spinnin’ Records DJ Contest with his version of DVBBS’ single ‘Pyramids’, it immediately draws attention from the world famous label.

When working on new music, Joe Stone gets joined by Mark Simmons, who’s built quite a name for himself already, being one of the producers behind Rockefeller (scoring big with ‘Do It 2 Nite’ in 2005) and the Beatfreakz project, reaching high in 2006 with their singles ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ (#3 in the UK Singles Chart) and, that same year, ‘Superfreak’ (#7 in the UK Singles Chart).

Joe Stone’s first single ‘The Party (This Is How We Do It)’ toys with the eponymous 1995 Montell Jordan hit, repackaging it in a solid 21st century house groove, featuring the original vocals approved by Montell Jordan himself.

Expect more and more from this new household name in house music, Joe Stone

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