iPhone 8 to Launch Alongside 7S & Cost $1000

As Spring approaches Apple‘s next moves in the phone space are beginning to come into focus. We already reported to you that Apple would continue its tradition of providing an S model for the iPhone 7, we are now learning that the iPhone 7S may very well launch alongside a gamechanging iPhone 8.

While the iPhone7 will be exactly what you’d expect (the same as the iPhone 6, 6S and 7), the iPhone 8 will finally take some risks. Embracing a bezel-less design, the iPhone8 will feature a 5.8 OLED display with few visual interruptions. Essentially it will look like one large black screen with no buttons at all.

Innovation from Apple won’t come cheap, as reports indicate that the iPhone 8 will start at $1000. This will allow the iPhone 7S to continue the pricing model we currently see from iPhones, while allowing Apple to charge as much for the 8 as for a laptop.

Source: BGR

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