Joe Stone Closes Out 2016 With New Jack Swing 90’s Mix

With the new year coming up, Dutch DJ Joe Stone thought it would be nice to close things off with a special edition of his Sound Of Stone podcast. So, for this exclusive New Year’s edition he’s mixed up a sweet set of 90s ‘new jack swing’ tunes.

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We could have expected Joe Stone to drop a mix like this. Earlier hits ‘The Party (This Is How We Do It)’ feat. Montell Jordan, ‘Man Enough’ and ‘Sublime’ already gave away his preference for those oldschool 90s R&B vibes. And, well, Joe Stone now goes for full disclosure, presenting loads of those classics in one amazing mix.

“Going into the new year I wanted to take time to reflect on a legendary era in R&B called new jack swing. It originated out of early hip hop and sampling was used a lot, especially in the beats. Add some catchy R&B vocals to that and the hits were born. This very danceable style almost had the tempo of house and contained a lot of energy. Ideal to get the party started, and as I noticed when mixing it all together, also perfect to end the year 2016 in style. Best wishes everybody!” — JOE STONE

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