Juicy M Releases Fire & Ice Ft. Dani Somerside

Juicy M and Dani Somerside team up for ‘Fire & Ice’

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It’s hard to imagine any side of DJ biz young and talented heavy hitter Juicy M hasn’t tried yet. She honed her skills in playing on multiple decks, performed truly futuristic DJ mix on four iPads, traveled a globe like a superstar and produced some decent dance tracks like Obey and Rowcraft in just one year.

This time Juicy M challenges herself even further by revealing her new single “Fire & Ice” where she performed not only as a producer but also a songwriter. The song features powerful vocals from London-based singer Dani Somerside and stands out in more dramatic and deeper sound. This songwriting era accentuates new music direction of Juicy M as mature and established artist on the electronic dance music scene.

As Juicy M states, the song echoes the constant struggle she’s experiencing in her life and career and, of course, the love from friends, family and supportive fans that gives her energy to continue and crush this game in a hotshot way. The track is out on her own indie imprint ‘Top Flite Music’ and can be found on all major online platforms.

If you like ‘Fire & Ice’ you also might also like another downtempo release of Juicy M called “ Need U Around ” together with US-based singer Esty Leone and released on Armada Music in 2016.

About Juicy M
Juicy M is easily one of the most popular and promising female DJ and producer in the world. Having a strong background in hip-hop DJing and turntablism, she has entered the electronic scene like a power blast with her smashing viral videos on youtube of her mixing live on four decks in 2013.

Since then Juicy M gained astonishing 4 million fans on Facebook, featured in Billboard’s ‘Next Big Sound’ chart and has been acknowledged by reputable magazines, blogs and events like Ultra Music, Tomorrowland and Balaton Sound festivals.


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