Lektrique Releases Multigenre OMEGA EP, Out Now on Kannibalen Records

After months of teasing with support from Snails and BTSM in shows and mixes, Lektrique’s OMEGA EP is finally being brought forth. With the beast unleashed, there’s no telling how much destruction will ensue this festival season and the subsequent summer. Following up the four tracks will be a music video for the Lektrique original.


Track Genre: Dubstep, Hip Hop, EDM

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For eclectic tastes, the EP is the holy grail of projects. Lektrique descends from the electro heavens to deliver a heart-pounding behemoth in “OMEGA.” LUMBERJVCK, Our Time and Andy’s iLL each provide their own take on “OMEGA,” with the result being three more crowd-destroying musical monsters of various colors.

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