Possible Overdose Prevention Drug To Be Available At EDC Las Vegas

An oberservational study conducted at EDC Las Vegas in 2016 found Dantrolene to be rather effective against overdoses from drugs such as MDMA

Since the 1960’s, Dantrolene has been used as a muscle relaxer and a deterrent against hyperthermia.

While at EDC Las Vegas last year, nine patients tested with Dantrolene at the festival. According to Health and Safety Director for Insomniac Events Maren Steiner, , ”all of them experienced a total reversal of hyperthermia, and 8 patients survived their experience.” The last patient could have been saved, if she had brought to the medical tent sooner. For OD victims, it appears that the Dantrolene may help by preventing the release of calcium ions into muscle cells, cooling the body to a safe temperature. Steiner also stated that, with the help of an ice bath, the patient’s temperatures dropped to 98 degrees from 106 degrees in under three minutes.

Pete Carlo, PA-C of C&C Medical Events, says the treatment process as a whole is still in its infancy and given the delicate factors surrounding each person’s unique metabolism and how it reacts to the substances the individual has put in their body, all situations with Dantrolene and the rest of the tools used in overdose prevention on a case-by-case basis don’t necessary mean it’s a cure-all.

Dantrolene will be available at onsite medical facilities during EDC Las Vegas 2017 but let’s not be guinea pigs. Be different, stay off the shit.

Source: Dance Music NW

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