Science Can Tell What Your Taste In Music Says About Who You Are

What type of music do you listen to? Why can this otherwise innocent question cause some to sweat with anxiety? It’s because deep down we know that our taste in music is not just a reflection of our musical preference, but also insight into the very essence of who we are. The French scholar Jules Combarieu described the union most eloquently when he explained that “music is the art of thinking with sound,” and no one wants other people listening in on their thoughts. Although it was long suspected that music and personality were deeply entwined, science has recently delved into the intricate relationship and shown just how significant one’s musical preference is.

Perhaps one of the most notable studies into the connection between musical preference and personality was conducted by Dr. Adrian North, now working at Curtin University in Australia. In a 2010 study, North surveyed 36,518 people in more than 60 countries about their preference for 104 musical styles, as well as their personality. In doing so, he found that quite a lot about both a person’s personality and their lifestyle can be inferred by their musical taste…

For more on this story, visit the source at Medical Daily.

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