Skrillex In The Studio With J Balvin And Poo Bear

Skrillex in the studio with Poo Bear to produce J Balvin

While we’ve seen no new music from Skrillex this year [yet], behind the scenes, he’s making plenty of it. Whether working with his band From First To Last or producing Incubus’ new album, the U.S. Dance Music Hall of Fame artist has been busy,busy,busy.

Now it appears Skrillex will be behind the board of Reggaeton star J Balvin and Justin Bieber’s man-behind-the-sounds, Poo Bear.

Balvin has big time streaming numbers into the BILLIONS YouTube and more. His latest track released in the late summer of 2016 titled “Safari” is at almost 500 million views and features Pharrell Williams, Bia and Sky. With that in mind, and now this news of Balvin teaming up with Skrillex and Poo Bear, that signals to us that Balvin is definitely gearing up to cross over into the mainstream – at least, that’s our 40 plus years experience take on it all.

Source and Pic Credit: Reddit

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