What Are Skrilllex And Fifth Harmony Up To?

Skrillex and Fifth Harmony video in studio suggests there’s something coming

Fifth Harmony, the X Factor-born pop quintet, recently made the biggest headlines since their emergence with the departure of one of their five members, Camila Cabello, back in late 2016. Now it looks like they may be back in the studio in 2017, and they may have their group’s replacement already lined up: Skrillex. Caught in the studio on Snapchat with the OWSLA head honcho, it looks like Fifth Harmony’s bounce-back from last year’s poor press may hinge on Sonny Moore’s pop production midas touch. Let’s not forget, he not only brought Bieber back, he made Bieber cool. Maybe a Skrillex collaboration with “Miss Movin On” outfit is the next chart-dominating plot twist radio hit nobody sees coming?

Skrillex has always been an organic collaboration machine. At this point we’re hard pressed to find a new Skrillex collaboration that would come as a shock, his creative boundaries are nonexistent. Put Skrillex’s various collaborators in a room together and you’ve got the musical equivalent of an international airport terminal. It’s hard to keep up with all the various collaborations, from Incubus, to an official From First To Last Reunion. Waiting for them all? We’re sure they’ll all be more than ‘Worth It.’

Source: Dancing Astronaut

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