Snapchat Has Early Christmas Gifts Added Including Shazam Songs And More

Staying more than relevant in a world of platforms that all do many of the same things, Snapchat has some new gifts to offer its million of users.

Staying a step ahead of Instagram’s ‘Stories’, There’s all sorts of new toys to enjoy.

Send group chats and snaps to multiple friends at once
In the past you could only snap one person at a time, but now you can get snappy with up to 16 friends with the new group chat feature. Personally I don’t have 16 friends who’d want to talk to me all at once, but it’s convenient if you tend to snap the same handful of people over and over — or, if you want a neat way to separate squads from each other — so you’re not scrolling through a gigantic friend list every time you send a snap.

And like all things Snap, nothing’s permanent. Chats sent to the group disappear after 24 hours, so don’t let those purposefully awkward selfies from your college buddies linger too long before opening them.

Shazam songs straight from Snapchat
Now you don’t have to go to Shazam on your smartphone or tablet/iPad to find out what the song is you’re jammin’ to! You can Shazam from Snapchat!

Let’s say you’re watching or listening to Clubhead TV, when a song is playing that you just have to know about, tap and hold on the screen when it’s in camera mode, and wait until a little Shazam blurb appears with all the info you need. You can find out more information about the song right then and there, or look at your Settings page (that’s the little gear icon on the top right corner of your profile page screen) later — every song you Shazam will be saved for you there, so you can revisit that catchy Scandinavian jazz tune or obscure the Weeknd b-side whenever you want.

There’s even more, visit the source of the story for more details HERE.

Image Credit: HighSnobiety

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