The Partysquad To Release Bombshell On May 18th

Many a DJ can become completely lost amid the sea of progressive house bangers that constantly flood media outlets and festival tents; in today’s convenience marketplace, countless “one hit wonder” names surface from the depths for a short-lived time and are never heard of in the scene again. Artists must continue the innovation of their unique sound in order to remain relevant across the years, and Dutch duo The Partysquad has managed to do just that. They originally experienced success with classic Dutch house tracks, but broke new ground by venturing into their current unique reggae-influenced music and successfully maintaining the Rebel Yard Music platform.

Bombshell, with outstanding vocals from Maikal X, is the latest track from Ruben Fernhout and Jerry Leembruggen to be released on their very own Rebel Yard Music record label, and it is as catchy as ever. Incorporating reggae vibes and heavy instrumentals, Bombshell lives up to its name with a strong opening of grandiose trumpets and vocals chanting “You want a riot, don’t be quiet; turn it up in here” to ramp up the pressure. Ominous and goose bump-inducing drums take over with the drop, which calls to mind images of intense overtime sports matches and their ensuing celebrations. This fiery tune is fitting for any super-charged and high stakes situation – just be mindful of your blood pressure, listeners!


Track Genre: EDM

The Partysquad


The Partysquad is the name of the DJ/ producer formation Jerry Leembruggen and Ruben Fernhout. Coming from The Netherlands, they have been responsible for international releases since 2009, amongst others on Spinnin Records, Universal / TopNotch and Mad Decent.

The Partysquad has been one of the most popular DJ formations of their country for a steady 8 years, not in the least because of their 10 success singles in the Dutch Top 40 charts. In 2008 they were one of the first dutch dj’s that were ready to take their sound abroad. While in Ibiza for preparations, their run came to a sudden stop; a life-altering car accident happened on the island and Jerry entered a coma that detoured their career indefinitely. As Jerry recovered and made his comeback in 2010, he and his partner in crime Ruben stepped into a world that was ready and willing to embrace their massive sound.

They started releasing tracks like “Amsterdamn” in collaboration with Afrojack, which was at that time one of their label’s (Spinnin Records) best selling records worldwide on Beatport. After the release of two other international club bangers “Fire” and “Show Rocker” in 2010, they launched a dutch slammer early 2011 called “Ik Ga Hard”; they ruled the top 10 position of the iTunes charts for almost 6 months with this tune.

In November 2011 the American label Downtown Records released the reggae-influenced track “Original Don ‘, a collaboration of Major Lazer with The Partysquad. Major Lazer, consisting of DJ/producer’s Diplo and Switch, is amongst other great productions known for de single ‘Pon Di Floor’, that rocked every chart list and was played in clubs and at radio stations worldwide. Beyoncé took her part and used the sample for her hit single ‘We run the world’. Even before this -in 2009- The Partysquad released their first EP “Murderer/ Hollertronix # 10” on Diplo’s label ‘Mad Decent’.

Already on the Hollertronix EP was it that The Partysquad experimented with reggae. After the impact of “Original Don”, and the introduction of this new mix of reggae, hardstyle kicks and other styles of music, it became clear that the world was ready for more.

For a special project, The Partysquad expanded the style of Original Don and created an EP with 6 tracks, with just one purpose, to destroy dance floors all around the world. This Ep is called : the Badman Rave EP.

The Partysquad worked with a number of musical heroes: Dutch superstars like Afrojack, Bassjackers, Alvaro, Hardwell, Chuckie, Nicky Romero but also artists from the U.S. like Ninjasonik, Maluca and other next generation artists. Maybe ‘creative chaos’ could be the closest description of the genre that The Partysquad performs in, if there should be one. Their international releases show an extreme variety and are a true sound explosion. The only standard they are reckoned for is that their releases are made to breakdown every dance floor. So take this standard element and put electronic, hiphop, reggae, rock, dance, dub and all other raw sounds into a blender, you will get pretty close to what it is that The Partysquad brings and stands for.

Just recently The Partysquad teamed up with Spinnin Records and started their own label called “Rebel Yard”. Like no other, they have always liked to experiment with all kinds of music and felt there was room for a label that could hold more than one particular style. A place where the amsterdam influence of the Dutch Antilles islands, Surinam, Asia and more may be combined with all sorts of music; house, electro, reggae, dub and what have you..
A label for open-minded listeners and artists that set the tone for future music.

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