Throwback Thursday With Energy Radio, Cyber Radio, Groove Radio And Beat Radio Classics

Energy Radio, Cyber Radio, Beat Radio, Groove Radio and MARS FM classics on #tbt Throwback Thursday

Back in the mid 90’s, Toronto’s Energy 108 was one of the few commercial dance stations in North America that featured real dance music. Dance music had always been just something relegated to weekends and not taken seriously by those in control of most U.S. radio since the days of disco.

There were others like Chicago’s B96, L.A.’s Power 106, NYC’s WKTU and of course the iconic, legendary WBMX in Chicago – where house music and DJ MIXES set the standards all DJS and mix shows follow today, almost 40 years later.

There was also Mars FM’s brief life in the L.A. area under the command of Swedish Egil in the early 90’s which then became Groove Radio under the tutelage of that same dance music industry veteran Swedish Egil.

Alan Freed’s Beat Radio, Clubhead TV boss’Cyber Radio and a few others blazed a path for dance music pre-EDM. They all laid out the groundwork and foundations for dance music today. Many of today’s biggest names were heard in their early careers on these radio stations like Armand Van Helden, Paul Oakenfold, Darude and more.

All these stations led up to the debut of Chicago’s Energy 92.7/5 which spawned sister stations in Phoenix and San Francisco where dance and early EDM (before it was called EDM) was played.

Unfortunately the company that owned the ENERGY stations mismanaged the entire company so, while Energy Chicago was profitable, it couldn’t save the mismanagement and bad business moves made by the parent company known at the time as Big City Radio which was originally known as Hawthorne Communications.

Paying our respects to the history and the architects of the dance music format in the modern times, every Thursday starting at 12 Midnight we go ALL CLASSIC DANCE featuring all the great retro, flashback, club classics played and heard on all those stations on our CLUBHEAD LIVE channel.


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