Throwback Thursday With Energy Radio Classics

Energy Radio Classics

Back in the mid 90’s, Toronto’s Energy 108 was one of the few commercial dance stations in North America. Before that there was B96 in Chicago which owed its life to the fact the WBMX had been sold.

There was also Mars FM’s brief life in the L.A. area under the command of Swedish Egil who also created and ran Groove Radio, Beat Radio, Cyber Radio and a few others that all played dance music leading up to the debut of Chicago’s Energy 92.7/5 which spawned sister stations in Phoenix and San Francisco where dance and early EDM (before it was called EDM) was played.

Unfortunately the company that owned the stations mismanaged the entire company so, while Energy Chicago was profitable, it couldn’t save the mismanagement and bad business moves made by the parent company. Due to stupidity, the stations wound up getting sold to cover the ineptness of management.

This video channel is everything played through those great years in Chicago, Phoenix and San Francisco.

Artists You’ll See On Energy Radio Classics

Benny Benassi, Fragma, Darude, Daft Punk, Vengaboys, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, D.H.T., ATC, Kate Ryan, Ann Lee, Alice Deejay, Bloodhound Gang, Cascada, Kylie Minogue, Groove Armada and more.

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