Under Pressure? Take A Listen To Audio Bullys & Alex Kidd’s Latest Track!

A fresh, cool new track for the end of the summer brought to you by Audio Bullys & Alex Kidd. Under Pressure features reggae and trap sounds, combined with electro influences and Audio Bullys’ amazing touch on the vocals. This track takes fans to a whole new dimension of music that has never really been a focal point in the scene. But with ‘Under Pressure’, fans will be obsessed with this unfamiliar sound, going crazy. Audio Bullys & Alex Kidd make a killer combo on this track!

Under Pressure

Track Genre: EDM

Audio Bullys


Audio Bullys are no newbies. This British group has been meddling around in electronic music for a quite a bit. From tracks like ‘We Don’t Care’, ‘Shot You Down’, ‘Only Man’ Audio Bullys know what people want to hear. As for Alex Kidd, he has really been leaving his mark on the dance scene since around 2007. After gigs in the best clubs in the UK he gained some notoriety and started touring the world, he really is quite the talent. From producing his own tracks as well as traveling, he has got his hands full, but thankfully for fans is well able to handle it and still deliver spectacularly.

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