Watch Red Bull TV’s ‘Inspire The Night”

Red Bull TV brings the unscripted concept series “Inspire The Night” to the masses. The five-part series goes behind the scenes of events that have become more than just parties, and are addressing socio-political movements, driving a sense of community, re-shaping the visual art world, and ultimately changing what it means to have a night out.

Featuring: Gregory Alexander, Loren Granich, Goddallars and Paradise, Phyllis Navidad, Brendan Cameron (A Club Called Rhonda, Los Angeles), Damian Lazarus, Fredi Bockhahn, Kunna Haan, Dixon, Serge Devant (Day Zero, Tulum, Mexico), Preston Jones, Lefty Out There, DRMBT, Bengfang, Galerie F (CANVAS, Chicago), Rebeca Lange, PL0T Miami, DJ Tennis (Becks, Miami), James Goldstein, Guy Gerber (Club James, Los Angeles)

Trailer theme music by Evan Sutton


For eight years, Los Angeles’ A Club Called Rhonda has been ahead of the curve as a safe space in terms of sexual identity both inside and outside the club culture with their Polysexual Revolution. How have its’ two creators from different backgrounds designed one of the longest lasting and influential nights that unites so many people of all walks of life in one epic party to celebrate music and diversity?

Episode 2: CANVAS
Can Chicago collective Canvas, redefine the way we engage and interact with street art, merging forward facing VR technology with the traditional analog street art to create an urban movement and immersive experience that ultimately uses the “Audience as a Canvas?”

Episode 3: PL0T
In Miami’s male dominated and lavish nightlife scene, Becks went against the grain to carve out a detail oriented, intimate, family style nightlife experience that emulates opening up her house to the local nightlife scene.

Episode 4: DAY ZERO
In an effort to engage audiences in the “Right Now,” Damian and Freddie are working towards bringing their diverse energy and global experience to remote locations while immersing audiences in an overall experience. Deep in the Mexican jungle, this duo wants to use the natural surroundings, native culture and rituals to celebrate love, life and music.

Episode 5: CLUB JAMES
An eccentric nightlife connoisseur, James Goldstein had dreams of opening a club of his own, and he committed to doing so on his incredible property, the Sheats Goldstein Residence in Beverly Crest, LA. The eponymous Club James is a space as enigmatic as it’s creator, with architectural design so striking it will be donated to the LA County Museum of Art after his passing.

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