YouTube Says We Consume Over 1 Billion Hours Of Video Per Day

YouTube is one of the 21st century’s greatest creations to date. The video sharing website allows users unlimited access to over 80 million videos, resulting in some staggering viewership numbers. Since 2012, YouTube has experienced a tenfold increase in daily watch-time. This fact gains even more gravity when coupled with a recent study suggesting that users spend over 1 billion hours daily on YouTube.

To put the staggering numbers into perspective; competitors such as Facebook and Netflix have around one tenth of the daily viewership numbers that YouTube boasts. The only platform that surpasses the websites astronomical figures is television, with around 1.25 billion hours of daily usage, although that number is falling rapidly.

The reason behind this success is YouTube’s development of artificial intelligence to create personalized suggested videos for users, success which will only increase as algorithms and machine learning develop further in the future.

H/T: Tubefilter

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